Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Help needed on Lemon Curd

Help needed! Does anyone know how to get Lemon Curd to "gel" correctly? If so, or if you have a recipe that that has worked for you in the past, please let me know!

Background: My Mom made a Lemon/Strawberry tart for Easter and, although it tastes delicious, the curd wouldn't become more solid than a liquidly jelly. We ended up having to eat the tart in bowls, which is a major no-no for my super aesthetic queen mother. This was her second time using that recipe for lemon curd; she had hoped that by whisking all the rebellion out of it that it would gel correctly this time. No such luck. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!

If I get a chance, I will probably write a long chatty post about our weekend trip to Austin, TX for Easter. However, since highlights included accidentally booking a return flight that went through Dallas AND St Louis before getting to Baltimore (seriously, should we have added Nova Scotia to the list for an additional detour?!), well, we've only barely gotten enough sleep to report for duty at work. I just gotta say, though... we broke our Lenten fast on Texas Bar-B-Q. Yee-haw!


Mrs. W said...

I like this recipe for lemon curd because it's simple, and no need for cornstarch. I recently made it for pineapple curd (decreasing the sugar, of course) and it worked out well. One note, however--it's important to really watch the consistency, because if you cook just a tad too long, it separates! The key is low and slow, and constant whisking. Once it's thick and you can see the whisk marks in the pan, stop.

Kevin said...

The lemon curd that I made for the Daring Bakers Lemon Meringue Pie solidified nicely. I think the cornstarch was pretty helpful.

That Strawberry and lemon tart looks good.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

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