Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Bacon Basket: Undercover Reporting on the Foodie Blogosphere

I just have to say, this creation by blogger Not Martha is the coolest thing ever.

Disclaimer: I have not tried the recipe yet, nor did I take the above photo, but damn. Other folks have picked up this idea and run with it, putting scrambled eggs in their baskets or adding croutons to the salad to make it an innovative take on a BLT. I'm just still in awe at the coolness of the presentation factor... the texture, the colors, the possibilities! It also looks relatively easy, oven-baked bacon. Actually, my only fear would be that the salad dressing wouldn't go with the bacon... but people serve bacon on salad all the time, so a light, inoffensive, vinegrette would probably work. This may be one of the first things I try in the post-Lent world.

I just had to share.


kat said...

I saw that too, seems like a lot of work & isn't that a lot of bacon with your salad (not that I don't love my bacon)? Not MArtha is such a great site.

Kevin said...

I bookmarked that to try. You can;t go wrong wrapping your salad in bacon! :)