Friday, February 29, 2008

Why blog?

I feel like this blog needs some sort of introduction.

World, meet blog.
blog, meet World.

I created blog because I have gotten fairly obsessed with cooking since graduating from college last June. Some would argue that my obsession dates back to when I shacked up with my wine-obsessed boyfriend a year-and-a-half ago, but in this new world of 9-5 (or 6-7, like as not), I find myself spending all these extra evening hours obsessing about food. I have been known to read cookbooks for pleasure, to plan my weekend around what dishes we're going to trying, and to preface most insights into ethics, religion, and relationships with some story about cooking. My guilty pleasure is reading food lit; not surprisingly, I just finished "Julia and Julia" yesterday (brilliant, I'm thinking of sending a fan letter to the author). D calls these books my 'food porn.' Of course, he says this while leafing through our massive binder of magazine recipe clippings looking for yet another chili recipe, so it's not like he's unsympathetic to my obsession.

ANYways. This is an experiment. I'm apprehensive about public journaling. I'd like to use this blog to better make sense of my own convoluted food mania, and hopefully to use it as a springboard to better understand myself. This blog is about more than discovering cooking in this post-collegiate world.

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